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Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracker Now at Precision Golf

The Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracker will be in store from the 1st of February. This new launch monitor allows us to provide extra services at Precision Golf that include Wedge and Putter Fittings. In these sessions, we will be looking into different grinds, bounce, loft, and sizing of wedges. In our putter sessions, we will be looking into the correct toe flow for your stroke, length and lie, putting stroke mechanics and tempo. In all of our fitting sessions at Precision Golf, we offer advice on the correct equipment while working on your technique in the session so you have the knowledge on how to improve with new Clubs, Wedges or Putters.

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FlightScope x3 fusion tracker technology has been utilized to test clubs during the design process in a number of cases in the past, but now our new FlightScope Putting Eagle system allows for the testing of putters, also, said Henri Johnson, CEO of EDH, maker of FlightScope. The FlightScope Putting Eagle was introduced formally at the PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 28-31 in Orlando, Fla. The FlightScope Putting Eagle, the world's first fusion of 3D Doppler Radar and Machine Vision technology, offers clubfitters and instructors a precise putter measurement system, with the result that FlightScope now can fit every club in a golfer's bag. David Cersley of Jeff Sheets Golf Design, the 7802 putter's designer, used the FlightScope Putting Eagle to determine the best putter-face technology to meet design specifications for immediate overspin. The new FlightScope Eagle putter system was able to track horizontal and vertical deviations of the ball coming off the putter face and in the early stages of the putt, Cersley said. With the data FlightScope gave us, we were able to differentiate the performance of the 7802 putter against a traditional smooth putter-face technology. The FlightScope x3 fusion tracker provides the following measurements: putter face angle at impact putter face angle at takeaway ball strike position on the clubface ball speed profile from the putter face over the full distance of the putting surface ball horizontal trajectory from the putter face over the full distance of the putting surface ball vertical trajectory from the putter face over the full distance of the putting surface, bounce, as well as smoothness of the ball travel ball deceleration profile, showing the regions where the ball was airborne, skidding and rolling over In addition to the above measurements, the Flightscope x3 fusion tracker software shows comparisons between players, as well as comparisons to past sessions of any player. FlightScope x3 fusion tracker, a feature-rich device which is far more than just a golf launch monitor, is being discovered worldwide for its advanced technological attributes. In addition to retailers, academies, golf equipment manufacturers, clubfitters, collegiate golf programs and green-grass and practice facilities have embraced FlightScope's advanced technology. FlightScope is a recipient of the GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence for superior quality, value and performance. FlightScope first was demonstrated in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., in 2001 and was introduced at the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show. In addition to its use at high-profile teaching academies and clubfitting venues worldwide, FlightScope is utilized for personal practice by tour professionals and avid golfers devoted to game improvement. It is known for its ease of use as well as the precision and accuracy of its technology. FlightScope employs phased array and ballistic tracking technology to record accurately the ball trajectory and to provide actual launch data. The characteristic distinguishing FlightScope from existing launch monitor technology is that FlightScope records the trajectory accurately in the precise environment in which the ball travels, thereby providing actual rather than implied data. The resultant ability of golfers, clubfitters and instructors to see the actual ball trajectory at various angles allows them to make precise adjustments for enhanced performance.