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Trackman CLUB Fitting Lab

Utilizing our TrackMan 4 Radar during custom club fitting allows us to precisely observe the club face at impact, accurately determining the point of contact on the golf ball and the club face. A broad dispersion across the club face indicates inconsistent strikes, prompting us to explore different club head shapes, adjust shaft profiles, or modify shaft lengths to better suit the player's needs. Consistency is paramount in the custom club fitting process.

Furthermore, leveraging data from our TrackMan 4 monitor, we analyze key metrics such as swing path, club head speed, face angle, and angle of attack just before impact. These insights enable us to select the optimal shaft flex and profile for each client's custom fitted golf clubs.

With this detailed information at hand, we can then experiment with various combinations of brands, club head shapes, and shafts to enhance distance, accuracy, and consistency on the club face, ultimately improving overall performance.

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Cromer Golf Club Fitting


Putter and wedge fittings in golf involve a precise process aimed at optimising your equipment to match your unique swing characteristics and preferences. Here's a more detailed overview:

Putter Fittings:

  • Length: Ensures the putter is the correct length for your posture and setup, promoting consistent alignment and stroke mechanics.
  • Lie Angle: Adjusts the angle between the shaft and the ground, influencing how the putter head interacts with the turf and the ball at impact
  • Head Design: Different head shapes (blade, mallet, etc.) can affect alignment and forgiveness. Fitting helps determine which design suits your stroke style best
  • Weighting: Customising the weight distribution in the putter head can enhance feel and stability throughout the stroke.

Wedge Fittings:

  • Loft and Bounce: Matching the loft and bounce angles to your swing type and course conditions ensures optimal trajectory and spin control on approach shots and around the green.
  • Grind: Different sole grinds (e.g., heel relief, trailing edge relief) accommodate various turf conditions and shot preferences (e.g., open face flop shots, square-faced chips).
  • Shaft: Selecting the right shaft material (steel or graphite) and flex can enhance feel and control for wedge shots.

TrackMan 4 Radar Benefits:

  • Data Capture: Provides precise metrics like launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, and shot dispersion for both putts and wedge shots
  • Analysis: Identifies patterns and inconsistencies in your stroke or swing, helping you and your fitter make informed adjustments.
    Customisation: Enables fine-tuning of equipment settings based on empirical data rather than guesswork, maximising performance potential.

Benefits of Fittings:

  • Consistency: Tailoring equipment to your swing promotes more consistent ball striking and control.
  • Confidence: Knowing your clubs are optimised for your game boosts confidence in critical situations.
  • Performance: Improved distance control, accuracy, and spin management lead to lower scores and better overall performance.

Whether you're looking to fine-tune your putting stroke or dial in your wedge play, a professional fitting utilising tools like the TrackMan 4 Radar can provide invaluable insights and optimisations for your golf game.

TrackMan Club Fitting Prices

Explore our options and find the right fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Club Fitting


Wedge/Putter Fitting

Club Fitting: Wedge/Putter Fitting $175


Driver Fitting

Club Fitting: Driver Fitting $175

$225/90 minutes

Driver & Woods Fitting

Club Fitting: Driver & Woods Fitting $225

$200/90 minutes

Full Iron Fit

Club Fitting: Full Iron Fit $200

$350/180 minutes

Full Set

Club Fitting: Full Set $350

Firstly, all club fits need to be booked online. We offer a range of options from Tee to Green including a Full Bag Fit and each service takes a different amount of time. We will take you into our Trackman 4 Fitting lab and get you to hit multiple balls. We will use the data from Trackman to assess the correct club, shaft based on your swing speed and other variables. This process allows the club fitter to mix and match shafts and data will show you which variation worked best for you. Once completed, we write up the specifications based on the Club Fitters recommendations and can then quote on the clubs.

All orders are placed on same day as fitting. In terms of times, most suppliers can supply around 15 working days. Custom build with exotic shafts can take 4-6 weeks depending on where the suppliers stock is coming from. A lot depends on their stock levels at time of order. There is no guarantee of time due to stock availability, but we strive to get them in as soon as ordered. Once in, we check the order and notify you immediately for collection.

Yes – we record all data and keep data sheets. If a customer has not been fitted by Precision Golf, we can still order and supply any club they wish to purchase if stock is still current and available. But we cannot stand by their performance should they not produce the results the player expects.

We normally have them delivered to our store for collection as we check all stock first. If you have a set delivered, we will need photos of the damage to ask the supplier for warranty.

If the product is still available – YES. If not, we can look at a close alternative that is available. FOR BOOKINGS

Of course. We have fit players of all abilities, from professional golfers to players with handicaps over 36. Like any trade, you need the correct tools to start with. Some players may feel their swing is not consistent enough, however many times, they simply had the wrong equipment. Wrong shaft for their club speed, wrong length clubs as they were given a set! Our fitters will assess you and your swing.

Historically, most customers do buy direct from us as we stand by our club fitting specifications. We do have a fitting fee charged regardless of whether you purchase the clubs from us as this is a service. All clubs ordered through Precision Golf are custom built exactly to the specifications identified in the player’s fitting from the data we collected from Trackman and what the fitter saw in your swing.

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