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The Precision Golf TrackMan Academy provides professional golf lessons using the latest TrackMan radar technology.

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TrackMan Academy

Golf lessons at Precision Golf Northern Beaches in Sydney NSW are designed to offer structured guidance and personalised instruction from our skilled professional coaches to help golfers improve their skills and performance. Here's a more detailed exploration of what you can improve by engaging our Golf Academy and finding the right Coach for you Today:

Overall, golf lessons at Precision Golf Cromer provide a structured and supportive environment for improving all aspects of your game, from fundamental techniques to strategic thinking and performance optimisation. Whether you are aiming to lower your handicap, compete at a higher level, or simply enjoy the game more, investing in golf lessons can have a significant impact on your skills, confidence, and overall enjoyment of golf.

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Cromer Golf Lessons

  • Fundamentals: Golf lessons often start with a focus on mastering the foundational elements of the game. This includes learning or refining techniques such as gripping the club correctly, establishing a proper stance, maintaining optimal posture throughout the swing, and ensuring correct alignment with the target. These fundamentals form the basis for developing a consistent and effective golf swing.
  • Swing Mechanics: One of the primary objectives of a golf lesson is to analyse and refine your golf swing mechanics. Coaches use their expertise to assess your current swing and identify areas for improvement. They may provide insights into key aspects such as the backswing, downswing, transition, impact position, and follow-through. Adjustments to your swing mechanics can lead to improvements in power, accuracy, and overall consistency, which are crucial for lowering scores and enjoying the game more.
  • Short Game Mastery: A significant portion of golf lessons is often dedicated to improving the short game, which includes techniques for chipping, pitching, and putting. These skills are essential for scoring well and require precision and touch around the greens. Golf coaches offer specialised drills and instruction to help you develop a reliable short-game strategy, including reading greens, selecting the right club, and executing shots with confidence.
  • Course Management Strategies: Beyond just mechanics, Our Professional Coaches also focus on developing strategic thinking and decision-making skills on the course. Up on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, The surrounding courses are quite different and have many challenges to your swing and your mind. Our coaches may teach you how to effectively assess and manage different situations on the golf course. This includes understanding when to play aggressively or conservatively, selecting the appropriate club for each shot, and navigating challenging course conditions. Course management strategies can significantly impact your overall performance and help you play smarter golf.
  • Technology Integration: Precision Golf on The Northern Beaches Sydney Is the most advanced and Biggest Trackman Centre in the world. Golf Lessons Northern Beaches integrate advanced technology tools such as TrackMan, launch monitors, or video analysis systems. These technologies provide precise data and visual feedback on key performance metrics like club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. Analysing this data helps coaches and players pinpoint specific areas of improvement and track progress over time. It also enhances the learning experience by offering objective insights into your swing mechanics and shot outcomes.
  • Customisation and Personalisation: Golf lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each player. Whether you are a beginner seeking to learn the basics or an experienced golfer aiming to refine specific aspects of your game, coaches adjust their teaching approach to match your skill level, learning style, and objectives. Personalised instruction ensures that you receive the most relevant and effective guidance to help you reach your full potential as a golfer.
  • Practice Drills and Exercises: Effective practice is a key component of improving in golf, and coaches often provide customised drills and exercises to reinforce new skills and techniques learnt during lessons. These practice drills are designed to address specific weaknesses or areas needing improvement, helping you build muscle memory and develop consistency in your game. Regular practice sessions between lessons are essential for solidifying skills and maximising the benefits of golf instruction.
  • Feedback and Progress Tracking: Continuous feedback and progress tracking are integral parts of the learning process in golf lessons. Coaches regularly assess your performance, provide constructive feedback, and offer recommendations for further improvement. They may also set specific goals and benchmarks to monitor your progress over time. This ongoing evaluation helps you stay motivated, measure your development, and make necessary adjustments to your training plan as you work towards achieving your golfing goals.

TrackMan Golf Lesson Prices

Explore our options and find the right fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Golf Lessons


Lesson: Adult

Full Trackman 4 golf lesson with a PGA Coach.

$85/30 Minutes

Lesson: Adult

Full Trackman 4 golf lesson with a PGA Coach.


Short Game

Short game/bunker masterclass.


Shared Lesson

2 person shared lesson.


Lesson: Junior

Full Trackman 4 golf lesson with a PGA Coach.

$55/30 minutes

Lesson: Junior

Full Trackman 4 golf lesson with a PGA Coach.

Our Golf Coaches

We are dedicated professionals with extensive experience and expertise in our respective sports.

Cromer Ray hawkins

Ray Hawkins

FJ PGA Professional - Head Coach/Head Club Fitter

Raymond comes to you as an experienced and knowledgeable professional golfer with a playing history in US, Australia, and Asia. Raymond has been playing golf for over 25 years, winning over 40 tournaments at junior and amateur level.

Turning professional at 24, he developed his career playing on the South Pacific Tour. He also ran a successful coaching business “Golf Like a Pro” for many years in Australia before moving to develop his coaching and playing career in California and Arizona. Whilst in the US he won three times on the Mini Tour Circuits. He then returned back to Sydney in early 2015 and had a vision to start Precision Golf that has now lead to the largest indoor facility in Australia. Ray has since done more then 15000 lessons and has just been voted by Australian Golf digest as one of Australia’s top 50 club fitters .

Ray has a very personal view on how the golf swing should function .He is very experienced and technology driven but at the same time explains the golf swing in very simple terms to allow the student to benefit gains on any level. Ray has worked with some of America’s leading coaches and has a very friendly and enthusiastic approach with all his students from the beginner to the advanced or professional if your looking to take your game to the highest level book Ray for your next lesson and see the rewards towards a better game. 

Cromer Brad Mcintosh

Brad McIntosh

PGA Professional - Coach/Expert Club Fitter

Brad is the only person in Australia to break 60 in a PGA Tour Event, shooting 59 in the 2004 QLD PGA. He has played professional Golf on many Tours around the World Including USA, Asian Tour, One Asia Tour, Australian Tour, Korean Tour, China Tour. Brad has been playing golf for over 35 years, winning multiple times on some of the biggest tours around the world and countless Pro Ams throughout Australia.

He has owned his own Coaching and Club Fitting business for over 10 years, and for the most part, has been based up on the Central Coast for the past 6 years teaching some of the brightest upcoming stars of the game and seasoned Professionals. With his extensive knowledge of the golf swing and expertise in the technology space, he has recently teamed up with Precision Golf to add further experience to their team.

Brad is passionate about Golf and is very patient and will help you with all aspects of your game from learning your Swing, Practising better, On course Improvement, Equipment Advice, Short Game, Putting, Mental Game, Preparation, and Goal Setting. So if you are just starting the game or looking to reach the PGA Tour, Brad will help you with your journey to be the best you can be. 

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