Short Game Practice

Improve your scores with our state-of-the-art short game facility at Cromer, featuring undulating terrain and manicured greens, perfect for golfers of all skill levels.

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The Well-Line Technology is a laser projection system which indicates to the player the ideal putting trajectories. But it is not only an aiming system. Many other features are available:

  • 3 trajectory lines: Aggressive line, Wellputt line & Fall-in line
  • Automatic training programs
  • Evaluation programs
  • Different putting games and challenges
  • Tools aids for speed, stroke, stance control and many others

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Cromer Golf Short Game Putting


Coupled with the Big Tilt, this new training concept puts the player in a real game situation with different green slopes. The Well-Line system allows the player to hit their putts with more confidence and certainty. More than 150 exercises for you to train with!

  • Rhythmic program.
  • Speed control.
  • Aiming program.
  • Side putts / uphill putts / downhill putts.
  • Slope reading with Well-Line.
  • Time pressure.
  • Games & challenges

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Indoor Short Game
Practice Area

The short game is crucial for lowering your scores, with 70% of golf shots focused on it. At Precision Golf Cromer, our top-tier short game facility features undulating terrain and manicured greens, suitable for all skill levels. Regular practice here can significantly improve your chipping, putting, pitching, and bunker shots.

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Short game practise

Cromer Short Game Bunkers

Enjoy fun for the
Entire Family

Indulge in family fun at Cromer's 18-hole mini-golf course, perfect for a memorable day out.

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