Advanced 3D Golf Lessons & Club Fitting Sydney

Precision Golf is the most technically advanced teaching and club fitting studio in Australia. We provide advanced 3D Golf Lessons and Custom Club Fitting.

Our Club Fitting studio is the most up to date in Australia in terms of advanced, state of the art technology, for Golf Lessons, Club Fitting and Virtual Golf.

With 3D swing analysis never seen before in Sydney, Precision Golf provides you with the latest Worldwide Technology to improve your game through golf lessons or entertain your guests with our virtual golf.

What we do

  • Hi-tech 3D Golf Lessons
  • Club Fitting Studio
  • Golf Club Repairs
  • Golf Entertainment
  • Golf Merchandise

Simple fixes for maximum results

Advanced technology allows us to pin point problem areas in your game

State of the Art Trugolf Simulators

100 world-class golf courses, all beautifully displayed in stunning HD via a top of the line projector. The state of the art tracking system with advanced swing analysis software provides a totally immersive golf experience.

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Indoor Golf Entertainment ' FlightScope ' Precision Golf Sydney

Flightscope 3D Launch Monitor – Club Fitting Sydney

FlightScope was the world’s first 3D Phased Array Tracking Radar for golf and has the most experience in the design, manufacture and worldwide support of this type of equipment. FlightScope comprises a high performance, low power 3D Doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology and advanced ballistic flight analysis software to track a golf ball for its entire trajectory and club through and after impact. It represents the state of the art in golf measurement technology. The radar captures 27 different available data points for club fitting and coaching. The Flightscope integrates with our new Swing Catalyst Software and balance plate.

FlightScope Chatswood | Trackman Sydney | Precision Golf​​

​3D Swinguru

Together with our state-of-the-art Trugolf simulator and Flightscope 3D Launch Monitor, Precision Golf has incorporated Swinguru – the latest technology adding a new dimension to your game using 3D cameras. It combines video and real-time 3D full body tracking and visualization with simple and intuitive biofeedback.

Simulator Golf Sydney | FlightScope Technology | Precision Golf Chatswood