How to Improve your Pitching

How to Improve your Pitching!

Ray 2

Hi again, this is Professional Golfer and Head Coach at Precision Golf, Raymond Hawkins.

Today we are going to talk a little bit about the pitch shot.

As we can see here, we are looking at a shot about 55m. My feel for a pitch shot is really really simple, it does not have to be hard. We have a 60 degree wedge here, I’m going to feel as though I take out a lot of the wrist angle. When I’m pitching, I feel like I have a bit more of a rounded body motion/swing, therefore my low point always comes into the ground at the same angle, so it feels really consistent.

A really easy to go about this is to feel like at set up, your left foot opens up a little bit so your stance is slightly open, which will help you get a bit of body pivot through the ball. Second thing I think is important with pitching is that 100% of your weight is on your left/front side. That way, we can get a descending blow, so the club is actually working down into the ground, to promote a little more backspin.

I’m going to hit a shot here to give you an idea of how I go about it and how I get consistent, by feeling as though every time I pitch, I’m using my chest and my body to get my club to arc around, to get the same consistent strike each time.

Let’s hit a 55m shot. My set up is a little open with the left foot and I feel as though my body rotates around. And there you go, pretty nice contact, very consistent strike.

Here are some takeaways. For you to get better at your pitching, firstly work on keeping 100% of your weight forward, and secondly, have your left foot open, creating an open stance and feel like you’re getting some body rotation through the ball.

If you need a hand with your pitching, come down to Precision Golf Chatswood, and I and the team would be happy to help!