Precision Golf Grand Opening

precision golf simulator 1 1024x563Indoor golf simulator for entertainment, parties, corporate, club fitting and golf lessons in sydney.

Precision Golf Grand Opening Sale IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME TODAY Promo Code : Precision12345 Use code on our booking page or print page and bring in to claim your discount Precision Golf Grand opening sale 50% of all services until the 15th of October!! Precision Golf is Australia’s highest technologically advanced teaching and club fitting studio. Our studio set up incorporates the newest and up-to-date technology for Coaching, Club fitting and Entertainment (Everyday use, Party and corporate bookings available). With never seen before 3D swing analysis Precision Golf provides you with the latest Worldwide Technology to improve your game. With our GC2 (HMT) Launch monitor we have the most accurate launch monitor in the world to ensure you find the right clubs for your game. Don't miss Precision Golf Grand Opening Sale be quick to book a golf lesson, custom club fit or book in to use our indoor golf simulator.