How to Improve your Chipping

How to Improve your Chipping!

Chipping 2

Hi again, this is Professional Golfer and Head Coach at Precision Golf, Raymond Hawkins.

Today I’m going to give you a little chipping lesson.

The most common thing I see with amateurs is that they get into a position that gets too under the ball and they always catch a little bit of ground before the ball. So what I like to see in chipping to really improve the impact and the crispness of the contact is really making sure that 100% of your weight is on the left/front side when you chip. You have to have a feeling of the club having a descending blow, so it’s working down to the ball. When I chip, what I like to feel is the weight of the head falling down to the ball on its own.

You never want to get into the position that a lot of amateurs do where they sit with most of their weight on their back foot and they flick up to the ball, which is why they bottom out before the ball and they don’t get their low point right or they don’t get the club to bounce down into the ball properly.

Drill to Practice – Set up with your right/back foot in the air, feel like 100% of your weight is on your front side and feel like as you are coming into impact you’re feeling like you’re holding the angle and your body is just pivoting. It should come out with a really clean impact position and crisp contact.

Hopefully that’ll help you chipping. Come down to Precision Golf Chatswood for help with your chipping and any other parts of your game!