Putter Fitting at Precision Golf​CLUB AND BALL DATA ON YOUR PUTTS

Our research teams spent more than a decade perfecting club and ball flight tracking. Today, no one does that better than us.

With the birth of Dual Radar Technology, our next logical step was to examine, explore, and redefine the way putting is performed and understood. A challenging journey, yet with tremendous amounts of experience to draw from.

Today, your first-generation data points include unique insights on both club and ball, paving the way for a new era in performance putting.

Your new insights include:

Club data: Club Speed, Backswing Time, Forward Swing Time, Tempo, Stroke Length and Dynamic Lie.

Ball data: Launch Direction, Ball Speed, Speed Drop, Roll Speed, Skid Distance, Roll Percentage, Effective Stimp, Side Total, Total Distance, and Total Break.

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