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Meet Our Professional Golf Coaches

Ray Hawkins PGA Professional | Golf Lessons Sydney | Precision Golf

Raymond Hawkins

PGA Professional - Founder and Director of Coaching at Precision Golf

Raymond Hawkins – PGA Professional

Raymond comes to you as an experienced and knowledgeable professional golfer with a playing history in US, Australia, and Asia. Raymond has been playing golf for over 25 years, winning over 40 tournaments at junior and amateur level. Turning professional at 24, he developed his career playing on the South Pacific Tour. He also ran a successful coaching business “Golf Like a Pro” for many years in Australia before moving to develop his coaching and playing career in California and Arizona. Whilst in the US he won three times on the Mini Tour Circuits. He recently returned to Australia with a vision to start Precision Golf. Because of this vision Precision Golf now provides the finest golf lessons Sydney has to offer.

Premium Golf Lessons Sydney

Over the past six years, Raymond has worked alongside many of America’s top coaches. This has given him knowledge of the most effective and cutting-edge coaching techniques. This enables him to achieve the best results for his clients, whether they are beginners, social players or professionals. If you are after golf lessons Sydney then contact Ray.

He has many years’ experience with leading golf technology such as trackman and Trugolf simulators. Raymond’s experience with the Trugolf technology, which is used at Precision Golf, means Raymond will get the most out of your game through accurate tracking of your golf swing and ball flight.

As well as his extensive knowledge of the golf swing, Raymond has a fun, positive and friendly personality. His passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of golf truly make him a devoted coach for the beginner, advanced and professional golfer.

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Deepak Jallipalli

PGA Professional

Deepak Jallipalli – PGA Professional

Deepak comes to Precision Golf PGA qualified and TPI qualified with more then 5 years experience at Terrey Hills country club.​

Deepak has started teaching a unique and simple method that’s easy to understand from the beginning golfer all the way through to the experienced golfer. He genuinely enjoys teaching all facets of the game and has a great belief and focus on gaining the goals you need to be a better golfer.

Book your next lesson with Deepak and see your golf game grow.

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Edward Salt PGA Professional | Golf Lessons Sydney | Precision Golf

Edward Salt

PGA Professional

Edward Salt – PGA Professional

Edward comes to Precision Golf fresh after working 3 years at one of Sydney’s premiere golf clubs Elanora Country Club in the northern beaches.

Edward is great with the beginner or any student looking to move their game to the next level. He is technology driven, enthusiastic and has a very friendly and positive attitude.

Edward strives on challenges and looks forward to making your game better. Book your next lesson or club fitting with Edward.

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Lorien Scott PGA Professional | Golf Lessons Sydney | Precision Golf

Lorien Scott

PGA Professional

Lorien Scott – PGA Professional

Play your best golf ever: I’ll show you how!

As someone who has played professional golf for many years, then coached golfers at all levels — from beginners to champions — I’ve seen some of the world’s best (and it must be said) worst golf.

That means that as your golf coach I know which skills to help you develop, which will help your particular game the most — and which mistakes to you need to avoid.

No matter what your level of golf, I can help you improve it.

Maybe you’re inclined to slice or hook. Or you don’t hit the ball in a consistent way — which goes hand in hand with inconsistent direction.

Having trouble hitting the ball far enough, then making hard work of putting once you reach the green? And for that matter, are your clubs actually right for you?

With these and countless other variables, no wonder golf can be such a challenging game. But like any skill, it can be learned, improved and polished until the numbers on your card become smaller and your list of wins becomes bigger. Call the store to book Lorien 0294177704.

Precision Golf provides the best golf coaches to ensure you receive the best golf lessons Sydney has to offer. For more info you can visit Lorien’s Website