Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

Are custom made to each golfers swing

At Precision Golf, you will be taken through a process so the golf club fitter can get you the best equipment for your golf swing. Regardless of your level Custom club fitting improves your game by creating custom golf clubs that are built for your specific swing and style of play. At Precision Golf, you will have access to all the best golf club combinations from the starting golfer all the way up to the seasoned professional.

Getting a custom clubfit at Precision Golf is a learning experience to pinpoint in your golf game what golf equipment in your bag is working for you and which golf clubs may not be. Custom fitted golf clubs are custom made to each golfer’s swing. The process enhances progression in your game and makes learning golf a little easier when you have a set of golf clubs that are working to improve your swing rather than hinder.

Custom Fitted Golf Clubs Process

Here is a little look at the process we go through with you to assess your game all the way to selecting
the right equipment for you and getting the best experience from your custom fitted golf clubs.


A high handicapper who needs help getting the golf ball in the air, down the fairway and on the green, and who wants the most forgiving golf equipment he can find.


A middle handicapper who needs forgiving golf equipment to help make up for his occasional inconsistencies and to enhance his distance and accuracy.


A low handicapper seeking premium golf equipment that enhances his performance while providing the kind of keen feedback and workability he prefers.

Wedge and Putter Fittings Now Available

Wedge and Putter Fittings are now available in store with the new FlightScope X3 Fusion Tracker. This new launch monitor allows us to provide extra services at Precision Golf that include Wedge and Putter Fittings. In these sessions, we will be looking into different grinds, bounce, loft, and sizing of wedges. In our putter sessions, we will be looking into the correct toe flow for your stroke, length and lie, putting stroke mechanics and tempo. In all of our fitting sessions at Precision Golf, we offer advice on the correct equipment while working on your technique in the session so you have the knowledge on how to improve with new Clubs, Wedges or Putters.

The FlightScope x3 fusion tracker provides the following data measurements for short game:

  • putter face angle at impact
  • putter face angle at takeaway
  • ball-strike position on the clubface
  • ball speed profile from the putter face over the full distance of the putting surface
  • ball horizontal trajectory from the putter face over the full distance of the putting surface
  • ball vertical trajectory from the putter face over the full distance of the putting surface, bounce, as well as smoothness of the ball travel
  • ball deceleration profile, showing the regions where the ball was airborne, skidding and rolling over

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Equipment Assessment

The golf club fitter then has a close look at the players set make-up consists of a driver, 3 and 5 woods and 3 iron through to sand wedge. These irons are more than likely steel shafted if he is looking at an older set of clubs. The golf club fitter individually assesses the lengths, lofts, and lies, grip types and sizes and the putter also get assessed. All specifications can be taken on the old golf set. The golf club fitter looks for major differences in lofts and lies between clubs that may help determine troublesome golf clubs. He also looks for specifications that work for the player and may be transferred to the new clubs. This would include shaft characteristics and club head designs. This all helps to assure you have the correct custom fitted golf clubs.

Golf Swing Analysis And Equipment Recommendation

To get a true indication, the golf club fitter checks the players posture and measures how close to the ground the player’s hands are. Tall people often need longer clubs however there are many tall people whose arms actually hang just as close to the ground as average size people. This measurement is only the starting point for the fit, however, is very important for a player’s comfort at address and solidness of hit. This is called the wrist to floor measurement.

With our FlightScope 3d we are able to see the club face at impact so we are able to tell exactly where they are striking the golf ball on the face of the golf club. A wide spray across the face of the club indicates an inconsistent strike and we may look into different shapes of club heads, changing the shaft profile to something more suitable or shortening or lengthening the shafts to suit the player. Consistency is very important in your custom fitted golf clubs.

With our FlightScope launch monitor, we then look at other helpful stats that help in the golf club fitting process like swing path, club head speed, face angle, angle of attack present just before impact. By assessing all these measurements, we are able to fit the client into the right shaft flex and shaft profile for their custom fitted golf clubs.

With all this information we are then able to then try a few different brands, head shapes and shaft combinations to then get you to hit it further, straighter and more consistent on the club face.

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Equipment Testing

Having gathered as much information as possible, the golf club fitter looks at making some experienced recommendations to the player for your custom fitted golf clubs. Options are important, as players will have their own mental ideas of what a good golf club looks like. For example, players either like a thick edge or a more traditional look to the top of their irons. They either like cavity backs versus a blade style. They may be predetermined to steels or graphite shafts and have a preference for grip styles also.

With all these options discussed with the client, we can then test head and shaft combinations from different brands that we think would suit the client. When we have narrowed down the selection and found the shaft and head combinations that feel, look and perform right for the player we then do a comparison analysis with your own golf clubs that you bought in. This is very useful information for the player to have, as you can see with the right golf equipment the performance changes from basic Distance, dispersion and shot strike consistency to advanced statistics like launch, spin rate and angle of attack. Time to get your custom fitted golf clubs built.