Indoor Short Game Practice Area

Your short-game is critical to lowering your scores

Given 70% of golf shots are applied on the short game, the Precision Golf short game facility located at Chatswood provides all golfers with the opportunity to experience one of the best short game areas in Sydney.

With an undulating terrain and immaculately manicured greens, the short game area is challenging for all levels of skill and ability from juniors to professionals and enables golfers to improve their game through accurate shot selection.

With regular practice, the Precision Golf short game area can significantly improve your chipping, putting, pitching and sand bunker shots

You can book a time on your booking page some come in and use the short game practise area.

Our Golf Academy trips are for golfers of any level with their golf. Look through our page and see when our beginner trips are available if you are just starting the game.

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Indoor Bunker Practice

Bunker play is often one of the more challenging shots to master in golf as a lot of the shots can be very intimidating with many different variables such as different sands, lie, size of bunker or steepness of lip, also weather can have an impact on your bunker play. With so many variables this is why many people come and get lessons on bunker play or just struggle to get out of the sand at all.

At Precision Golf we have a dedicated space for short game practice which includes two different sized bunkers. The first bunker is more a traditional style bunker with more compact sand which makes it a little easier to get out of. This bunker allows the player to learn to use basic bounce on their wedge without the club digging into the sand too much. As long as you are accelerating down into the sand you should be able to get the ball out onto the green with the bunker only having a very small lip.

The second bunker was designed to be a little more of a challenge. A Pot bunker with a very high lip and a different kind of sand to make the shop even harder still. We have put Sydney beach sand in this bunker which is very fine on top but as the club digs in it can be very heavy and thick. This bunker is designed to take your basic bunker technique to the next level even proving a challenge for a seasoned professional to get the ball out. The main point of using beach sand in this bunker is to get people engaging the bounce better with their wedges and not digging the club into the sand at all. If the club digs at all in the beach sand the ball won’t be coming out at all.

Practice Chipping With many Challenging Shots and Grasses

Let’s be honest – chipping isn’t the most exciting part of the game. Everybody loves to hit a long drive, stick a short iron tight to the pin, or nail a putt for birdie. But with chipping, you are usually just scrambling to save par (or worse), so it isn’t always the highlight of your round. Because of this, many golfers mistakenly choose to simply ignore their chipping game and fail to practice it at all on a regular basis.

Want Lower Scores? Learn to Chip

In reality, chipping might be the single fastest way to lower scores. Think about it – if you miss the green and hit a poor chip, a bogey is almost a sure result. If you miss the green and hit a good chip to within a few feet, you have an excellent chance to save your par. So, the question becomes, how many greens do you miss during a round? Even a good amateur player is going to miss about half the greens, while a less-capable player might miss 13-14 greens during an 18 hole round.

For the sake of some easy math, let’s imagine that you miss ten greens during an average round of golf. If you are currently a poor chipper, you may get those ten chances up and down just twice. By improving your chipping, it is well-within reach to get up and down six out of those ten tries (if not more). That means, by just improving your chipping, you could save four shots a round!

No matter how long you stand on the practice tee hitting drivers, you will never save four shots as quickly as you will with better chipping.

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