Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracker

Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracker Now at Precision Golf The Flightscope X3 Fusion Tracker will be in store from the 1st of February. This new launch monitor allows us to provide extra services at Precision Golf that include Wedge and Putter Fittings. In these sessions, we will be looking into different grinds, bounce, loft, and sizing of wedges. In our [...]

Flightscope-Swing Catalyst

Flightscope FlightScope - FlightScope was the world’s first 3D Phased Array Tracking Radar for golf and has the most experience in the design, manufacture and worldwide support of this type of equipment. FlightScope comprises a high performance, low power 3D Doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology and advanced ballistic flight analysis software to track a golf ball for [...]

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