Golf Academy Trips

Precision Golf is now running golf academy trips. Our first trip is at Barnbougle down in Tasmania with other golf academy trips to be planned to the US Masters tour in 2018 and regular weekend trips up to the Hunter Valley.

Our golf academy trips adheres to the principle that the best teachers teach people, not theories. Instruction is grounded in fundamentals and enhanced by state-of-the-art technology from Precision Golf.  Include personalised instruction in all phases of the game, digital-imaging videotape analysis, on course analysis, demonstrations provided by Ray Hawkins and Brad McIntosh and equipment evaluation.

Teaching philosophies vary from academy to academy. Most stress the fundamentals—grip, aim, stance, posture, and balance. Some emphasize rhythm, tempo, and the “feel” of a proper swing. Others investigate the six most important inches in golf—the terrain between your ears. Then there are those that believe the flight of the ball is the ultimate indicator of a successful swing and so schedule lots of ball-hitting sessions to teach the laws of impact (bring extra Band-Aids to these classes).

Novices should enroll in classes to master the basics: attempting to play golf without qualified instruction is an exercise in frustration. Also, it’s difficult to unlearn bad habits once they are ingrained. Seasoned players flock to golf academies to correct flaws, restore confidence, and improve scores. At any level, the goal is to build a reliable swing that will enhance your enjoyment of the game. With Precision Golf our Golf Academy Trips will ensure that enjoyment with your golf game combined with having a fun golf trip with other golfers off the course.

Our Golf Academy trips are for golfers of any level with their golf. Look through our page and see when our beginner trips are available if you are just starting the game.


1st – 9th APRIL 2018

The US Masters Tournament is on every golfers’ bucket lists and you’ll find no better way to experience it than joining PGA Professionals Ray Hawkins and Brad McIntosh on this once in a lifetime trip.
You can’t fully appreciate the magnificence of the Augusta National Golf Course or the event until you’ve actually been there. Walk the course, and follow your favourite groups with Ray & Brad as they give you a PGA Professionals unique insight into the competing field’s game and strategies, as well as inside information on the tournaments’ mystery and traditions.
On this tour, when you’re not at the Masters, you’ll be playing golf with Ray & Brad and improving your game with their tuition at the exclusive golf clubs in the area, including the premier private club, West Lake Country Club.

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US Masters Golf Trip 2018